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Tree Trimming

Tree trimming brings safety and aesthetics to your tree. Tree trimming raises the bottom level of a tree. Low-hanging branches in your way or blocking natural light from your home? Simonson Tree Service can safely remove branches and limbs that are a danger to your home and give you more room in your yard or driveway.

Solve these problems with tree trimming:

  • unshapely trees
  • branches rubbing on your home’s roof, windows, or fence
  • trees hanging into your driveway
  • view blocked by low branches
  • branches leaning over your property line

Tree Pruning

Tree pruning clears space between a tree’s main limbs from tangled, crossing branches. Dense and old branches can
become unsafe, falling on your home or property during windy or icy weather. Tree pruning keeps trees healthy and
attractive and is especially important for fruit and nut trees. Fruit farmers have a saying about why a tree needs
proper pruning: “you can grow wood, or you can grow fruit but not both.”

Solve these problems with tree pruning:

  • dense, crossing branches and limbs
  • low fruit or nut production
  • low-quality fruit or nut production
  • fruit or nuts produced only at an inaccessible height
  • rotted branches and limbs

Tree Topping

Tree topping fully removes the upper portion of a tree. The term “topping” technically refers to simple sheering of a tree at a desired height without consideration of the tree’s health. Simonson Tree Care can use proper tree pruning methods that will leave your tree healthy and give you the same benefits of topping. If your tree is growing into power lines or has high, rotted limbs, Simonson Tree Service can keep your family safe and your tree healthy.

Tree Removal

Tree removal takes an unsafe or undesired tree down to a stump a few inches above ground height. Tree removal ranges from simple to incredibly complicated depending on the tree’s health or the tree’s proximity to your home, fence, or other structures. Whatever your situation, Simonson Tree Service can remove your tree safely.

Solve these problems with tree removal:

  • rotted or infested trees
  • trees growing too close to your home
  • leaning trees
  • trees you don’t want on your property

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding provides a simple solution to reclaiming your space from a removed tree. Stump grinding starts with grounding the stump — using a stump grinder to take the stump down a few inches below ground level. The grounding process breaks the wood down small enough to be used as mulch. After grounding, the remaining portion of the stump is covered with soil leaving you with a level space protected from regrowth of the removed tree.

Stump Removal

Stump removal extracts the tree’s root ball from the ground. Stump removal can be a large undertaking since a tree root ball grows significantly larger than the diameter of the trunk. Once the entire root ball is out of the ground, the hole is filled in leaving you with leveled ground free of any tree remnants.

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