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Spring Time Tree Inspection

Spring is here! Time to start the garden, plant new bushes, weed, and take a look at your tree to make sure it’s healthy. Or if it will shade your garden.

Walk around the base of the tree and look for rotten spots as this indicates root damage. Signs are weeping spots in the trunk, where sap constantly leaks out. Is bark falling off the tree? Is the hardwood exposed from a gash in the tree?

Next, look into the canopy for broken and damaged limbs from the storms. Is there a windowmaker over your front door? A widowmaker is a limb that is broken off and being held aloft by the canopy. Maybe the limbs are still semi-attached, and leafing out. This is a danger as if it gets too heavy it can break loose and come down at any time.

Now, look and see if your tree needs to be thinned. Overgrown middles need thinning for wind sail, and health. Does the tree look like a rat’s nest? If you cannot easily see through the tree then it is overgrown.

Crossed Branches can rub together and cause disease. Does a limb go back through the middle and out the other side? Does one branch lean on another? Does one branch shoot straight up through the middle of the tree? These are good candidates for removal.

 Lastly, Leaf load causes limbs to bend down, so you want to raise your canopy up so limbs do not lay on your roof causing damage. When your tree blooms out, hundreds of pounds are added to even a small tree causing the tips to bend down. Insurance requires 20in. Of separation between branches and the walls and roofs. Will these branches bend low enough to make mowing harder? We can raise the base of your canopy over your head, providing a shady spot to enjoy the coming summer.

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