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Gutter Cleaning & Moss Treatment

Gutter Cleaning Pros and Moss Treatment Gurus

Expert Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning Can save you $1000’s in damage to your roof, facia boards, and deterioration of the gutters themselves. In Addition, clogged gutters can cause even more damage to foundations, roofs, walls, crawl spaces, basements, and more. They can also erode your lawn and ruin your landscaping. That’s why Simons Tree Service cleans gutters is a Gutter Cleaning Service in Springfield, Eugene, and surrounding areas. It is a good idea to clean gutters and surrounding areas in the early Spring and in the Fall before the rains return. Make sure your gutters are clean before the big rain of Winter and the Storms of April by then it is too late, be prepared.

Living in the Pacific Northwest, the importance of a properly functioning gutter system for your property is undeniable. Proper water management is important to avoid possible water damage to your home. We systematically clean all gutters and downspouts to provide complete protection from the toughest winter rains. Prices are based on the linear level and overall difficulty of the job.

Every time the gutters are cleaned, we also check and clean the downspouts to ensure proper flow. Clogs that are located in the underground piping typically require a rotor-rooter service to clear, although we will try to clear them if possible.

Moss Treatment

We apply granular zinc sulfate to the roof to prevent moss from growing on your roof. We apply Zinc sulfate which is cost-effective and kills all moss within one month of treatment. It is USDA approved and will not damage or harm your plants or siding. The Rain and wind of winter will naturally wash away the remaining dead moss. 

Even if you have a newer roof it should be treated with zinc sulfate to ward off the growth of moss. To keep moss at bay consider having regular treatments to prevent the rapid regrowth usually once a year.

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